New Russian Smoking Law

Not long ago one of my good friends in science told me that in order to accomplish what I have planned in changing smoking laws and smoking culture I will have to convince some top dogs around that they can make or save a big money on that. Today we can witness how the top authorities in Russia have calculated an astronomic figure they can save if their best professionals would not die from smoking in the most productive age.

What are they planning? Basically they are pressing people into smoking rooms. If they are not able to provide a smoking room, they give a nicotine pill to smokers not to smoke right now. As an example of this they use trains they ride for many hours or even days non stop.

Another big thing in their new smoking law is to make smoking invisible on TV and other media. And on the other hand they will make the smoking aftermath very graphic on the cigarette packs.

What can I say on the negative side about Russian smoking reforms? I would say that they are going halfway. Russian current government feels weak and would not interfere into domestic smoking violence because they say that people own the territory of their apartments and balconies and can do anything they want there.